• Jocelyn Bystrom

🤩New #MentalHealth Blog

I was recently interviewed by podcast host Monica Parkin, of

Juggling Without Balls about my lived experiences with #mentalhealth /#recovery / and my desire to become a strong #advocate for #mentalhealthatwork.

You're invited:

  • Listen to the podcast,

  • read 1-3 minute posts about #mentalhealth and #wellbeing

  • respond with comments and feedback,

  • suggest ideas for future posts, content, or topics you'd like me to research and address.

  • Ask questions. I'd love to hear from you if you disagree, agree, or find a gem worth sharing with your friends and family.

  • Subscribe and receive notification when a new post is added.

We're Stronger Together - Let's open up the conversation and reduce the stigma about our mental health.

✅ It ought to be as easy as picking up your cell, to get health care above the neck.

✅Why can't it be as easy as calling your doctor, to attend to your wound, rash, or broken bone.

✅Did you know there is #mentalhealthfirstaide courses available through mhfa.ca ?

Let's reduce the #stigma, and #advocate for #support for all.

I look forward to an opportunity to support your 💚#mentalhealth

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October, 2021

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