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Understanding Mental Health Distress and Ways to Reach Out for Help

Updated: May 5, 2020

Mental health is a vitally important aspect of life that people often neglect. If you are in distress due to mental health problems, help is available. You need to recognize the signs and reach out so you can receive the assistance you deserve.

Recognize Thoughts and Feelings

The first step in understanding clinical depression or an anxiety disorder is to recognize the signs of common mental health problems. Feeling constantly overwhelmed or anxious could be a symptom that you're struggling with anxiety or depression. Constant fear and a feeling of loneliness are also signs of mental health issues. Feeling angry or uncontrollably sad, losing your desire to partake in activities you enjoy or indulging in self-destructive behavior are all indications that your mental health is under siege. Constant negative thoughts about yourself or an inner voice that continually berates you means you need to seek aide.

Talk to Someone

No matter how hard it is, you need to reach out and talk to someone if you are experiencing chronic distress. Keeping your inner turmoil a secret will make it much worse. When you open up and discuss things with someone else, you will find that your distress is common and treatable. You can talk to a loved one in your life or call a hotline that is there to help those who struggle with mental disturbance. Don't fall for the lie that you can handle this alone or that you should feel embarrassed for mental health struggles. There's no reason for shame.


If you are dealing with mental health issues, the benefits of counseling cannot be overstated. It can be a major source of relief. Counseling puts your needs at the center and provides hope and comfort in times of distress. Counselors know techniques that can teach you how to end a cycle of negative thoughts and reframe circumstances that may be causing you to suffer. Talk therapy is often enough to alleviate mental health distress. If it's not, counselors can also help you decide if you need medication to deal with anxiety or depression

We treat our bodies when they are suffering, so it only makes sense that we should see a professional to help us treat our minds when they need it. It's part of approaching our health holistically and taking care of every part of who we are. Mental health distress is treatable, and you don't need to suffer alone. Once you recognize the signs, reach out for help so you can feel better and look forward to life every day.

If you are looking for more resources to help you, check out our educational database.

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